Enormous rat runs through food court in a Sydney shopping centre

Footage of an 'enormous rat' running through a Sydney shopping centre has shocked Australians due to the size and prompting shoppers to tuck their trousers into their socks.

When conversations about where the world's most deadliest animals reside, it's never too long before Australia is mentioned, which makes the strong reaction to the footage from its residents all the more shocking.

A number of which couldn’t believe the rat’s size.

The brief clip surfaced showing the large rodent scampering through the middle of a Westfield shopping centre in Sydney.

It was shown darting its way across the floor of the Parramatta shopping centre’s food court in video uploaded to Reddit on Monday.

The three-second clip showed the animal weaving beneath two rows of empty tables before disappearing behind a bench.

"Any bigger and it's a bandicoot" said one person in response to the footage.

“Not gonna lie. I thought that was a mongoose at first with a deformed tail,” said another.

Others were not least bit surprised at what they saw, claiming to have bore witness to similar scenes in the past.

“We had one biggie in the Westfield I worked at.. We named him Lowy. ,” one wrote.

“When overpopulation and poor hygiene meet rats come out to play,” another said.

Someone who claimed they previously worked at the centre said the video was nothing new.

One wrote “I worked on the same level some 40 years ago and it was the same then. Rats were consistently that size. With some the size of cats.

"The loading docks on that level are rife with them due to the abundance of food scraps."

Some argued shoppers should expect to see at least some evidence of rodents in city shopping centres.

“Rodents are a big problem everywhere and are in every home and business. Nothing stops them, no amount of poison or traps. This is the rodent's world and we are just living in it unfortunately,” one said.

However, the scene was enough to prompt a warning for shoppers to “tuck your pants into your socks”.

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