EU blasted by Polish minister over united states of Europe vision

EU ‘wants United States of Europe’ says Tadeusz Kościński

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Polish Secretary of State Tadeusz Kościński has warned the EU Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen “wants a united states of Europe.” The former finance minister lashed out at the EU Commission’s failure to grasp the desire of the UK and Poland for greater sovereignty and independence, over-centralisation and ever-stricter rule by Brussels’ diktats. 

“It boils down to that both United Kingdom and Poland, we don’t want the United States of Europe, that’s when it comes down to.

“We have our national pride, our history, and culture, and we want to rule ourselves.

“We want to obviously be in a club where we can, working together where commerce can be encouraged, exchange of cultures can be encouraged, but we don’t want to lose that culture.

“And I think that’s one of the biggest problems that we have with the EU. 

“The EU wants to become the United States of Europe.

“We want to be a standalone country, that’s the biggest problem the EU Commission doesn’t understand and sooner or later, we’re gonna have an even bigger problem than we have already.”

Earlier this month heard from Marek Kuchciński, another influential politician from Poland’s ruling Law and Justice Party about the importance of the British-Polish partnership for Europe. 

Mr Kuchciński told “Polish-British relations have a number of angles and understandings when you look at them.

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“Despite various different forms that the UK is currently not in the European Union, I strongly vouch for the Polish-British relations.

“Especially now because of the Russian aggression on Ukraine these relations are paramount.

“They’re super important, and I know that the British prime minister and the Polish Prime Minister do constantly speak about fostering of these relations right now.”

“Not only that, Poland, UK and America are those three countries that are supporting Ukraine in it’s defending itself from the aggressor, it’s not only that those three were the three countries supporting Ukraine the most


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“But also for the alliances of Europe with the United States and with Canada and with other players.”

He told “We strongly want a balance of various powers and various influences in Europe to some extent to counterbalance the German dominance or the German and France alliance.”

“And it’s not just in the EU, it’s the whole cooperation it is the whole development from the Caspian Sea to Gibraltar of the whole wider region.”

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