EU fury: Anti-Greta Thunberg exposes ONE thing bloc should do in climate panic

Naomi Seibt is on a worldwide crusade to alter people’s views on climate change and ensure the debate is opened up to both sides of the argument. The 19-year-old is determined to spread “hope to the younger generation” surrounding the current state of the world, while trying to dampen “panic spread by people like Greta”. Ms Seibt admits the environment is changing, but she is challenging organisations such as the EU and other governing bodies to carry out one task before signing up to green legislation, which she deems “ridiculous”.

She wants those groups to open up the scientific debate and take in all avenues of discussion – both for and against.

The teenage activist claims the EU has only ever looked at those who believe in climate change, without reviewing new research into the importance of reliable energy sources such as nuclear power.

Speaking to, Ms Seibt said that in order to get a fuller picture it was only fair that her side of the row was heard.

She said: “What we can do and what I think is a great idea is first of all have more scientific debate and have more scientists talk about these issues.

“And then use these smart, innovative ideas to look at reliable energy resources because of course you can’t rely on fossil fuels forever because of resources.

“They should do this in a smarter way and not demonise nuclear power, which is being done in Germany, because there are excellent new technologies to do with nuclear power that make those a lot safer as well.”

The German added: “The EU is so immersed in their beliefs that they don’t want anyone from the outside to come in and talk to them. 

“Even if I tried to reach out to them I don’t think they would allow me to speak and that’s why I accept every opportunity for an interview or to speak because I would love to talk to someone on the other side. 

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“And if anybody is willing to debate me, even if Greta Thunberg is willing to debate me, I’m willing to come any time and debate them on the issue.”

Greta, 17, is seen as the young face of climate change, who many claim has ignited a passion within her generation in combating global warming.

But she has her critics including Ms Seibt, who maintains that those interested in the topic should listen to scientists and not activists.

Brussels recently pushed through its Green Deal pledge, which aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to zero by 2050.

Both Greta and Ms Seibt have been heavily critical of that pact, but for completely different reasons.

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Greta argues that more has to be done to stop these gases being released sooner, whereas Ms Seibt says it should not be in place at all.

Ms Seibt claimed the deal was the EU’s way of “controlling society” as C02 emissions were “absolutely insignificant”.

When asked what she thought of the EU when it came to listening to other scientific research, she added: “It shows the EU is very one-sided. They are always claiming that they are so democratic and that we need to listen to all sides. 

“It’s the same in schools. In school we were taught that we need to question everything and have discussions, but really those discussions are really limited. When we were at school we didn’t even discuss whether climate change is catastrophic or manmade, we just discussed what is the best alternative energy source so really we’re skipping the main problem here. 

“The EU is trying to fake having an open mind, I think, which is very sad to me because I think that’s one of the most important things that holds together society.”

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