Europe long-range forecast: Weather charts show blistering 40C heatwave strike – new maps

Britons have basked in hot sunshine this week as many across the country experienced the hottest day of the year so far. Temperatures will rise later this month but on the continent, the mercury will almost reach 40C (104F) at the beginning of June according to the latest maps. According to graphs by WxCharts, most of southern Europe will see temperatures ranging between 30C-40C (86-104F) on June 6.

The heatwave will arrive on June 4 causing temperatures to quickly rise for Italy, Portugal, Spain and most of the Adriatic coast.

Such is the powerful heatwave passing over the continent that central and southern Europe will see temperature anomalies of 8C (46.4F) at the beginning of June according to the forecaster.

In current forecasts, the climate in Europe will begin to change this week as a band of low temperatures passes over the UK.

While the UK will see “unseasonably” windy weather due to this pressure band, weather temperatures will begin to rise for Europe as of tomorrow.

BBC Weather meteorologist, Ben Rich said: “Low pressure will swing into the British Isles on Friday bringing some wet weather and cooler conditions.

“It will cool down in London, but in the southeast of Europe, there will be some cooler air starting to work in after searing heat in Turkey.

“Temperatures will remain fine in Italy and the Iberian peninsula.”

While the temperature will drop to the low 20s and high teens in the UK, thermometers across central and southern Europe will begin to rise towards 25C (77F) and higher as the wet weather leaves the continent.

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Commenting on the UK’s weather forecast, the Met Office’s Alex Deakin also reported Britons will see some unusual weather on Friday.

Due to remnants from Storm Arthur, which is crossing over from the Atlantic, there will be strong winds hitting the UK over the next 24 hours.

He said: “In the southwest, there’s an area of low pressure and that will be moving in bringing much cooler air.

“It will be much windier weather, unseasonable windy weather for Friday and Saturday.


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“The winds are likely to be 40-50 miles an hour maybe, more over some western hills.

“That wouldn’t be unusual at all in October or November but it’s pretty unusual for this time of year.

“So it could just cause some problems.

“In the far northwest, there could be some pretty heavy rain in western Scotland through the weekend.”

Although there will be wet and windy conditions hitting the UK, Mr Deakin did state the weather will once again improve for many across the country next week.

He added: “High pressure will bring south and central parts of Britain sunny weather.

“There could potentially be an increase in temperatures.”

Although Scotland and the northwest of England may see some unsettled weather, Mr Deakin stated it will be mostly dry and fine weather for many next week.

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