Evil customer tapes nasty note onto café for helping homeless at Christmas

Residents have been left disgusted after a note and picture were left on the front door of a café criticising their charitable work.

The owners of the Jazz Café in Doncaster, South Yorkshire were told they were "enabling" homelessness by providing food, clothes and other products for those in need over Christmas.

Owners of the jazz-themed café arrived on December 27 to find someone had been to their business to express their disapproval, ExaminerLive reports.

Posting on their Facebook page, The Jazz Café owners wrote: "My husband popped into The Jazz this morning and some unkind person has taped a picture and a nasty note in regards to our Christmas gifts to the less fortunate in Doncaster.

"Where is your humanity? You have no clue about what some of these human beings have come from! Or been through!

"It's anonymous so obviously you are not worthy of our time."

The café posted: "Showing compassion to less fortunate, especially at Christmas, is something I've done all of my adult life. You should try it."

Customers and others came out to show their support for the Jazz Café.

Alex Buckenham said: "I wonder if this person will ever suffer and ask for help. It's food, warm clothing and sanitary products, imagine hating that.

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"Also, you don't 'encourage' begging, people don't ask for help on the street unless they have to. Well done."

Dawn Ashman said: "I wonder what this excuse for a human being did for anyone this year? Keep up the good work and don't let these sort get at you, they’re not worthy of your thoughts."

Rachel Jay said: "That's disgusting. Christmas time is always about giving, it's not about being selfish and self-centred."

And Tracey Lomas added: "The human race never ceases to amaze me.

"For every kind human being on this earth there seems to be an equally evil unkind one who has possibly never done a kind deed in their entire life it makes my blood boil, honestly does.

"Stay strong and don't rise to their immature behaviour."

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