Ex-adult film star Mia Khalifa shares grim reality of her jet-setter lifestyle

Ex-Pornhub star and Playboy model Mia Khalifa has shared the grim reality of her jet-setter lifestyle, telling her 27.6 million Instagram followers that she has been in four countries since she washed her hair.

The Onlyfans model has just left the Uk after a boozy London trip that even made her claim that she "might never go back to the US".

The 29-year-old is, however, on the move again and presumably headed for the US.

Taking to her Instagram last night, March 22, the one-time porn phenomenon revealed that she hasn't washed her famous locks since she left the English capital.

"It's been four countries since I washed my hair, currently in Paraguay with a United Kingdom wash-job," the adult performer wrote alongside a pouting selfie.

Her trip to London was equally well-documented. The beauty was at Bentley's Oyster Bar and Grill enjoying oysters alongside some fish and chips before she started her journey home.

She captioned the image with "The Loch Ryan's were my fave" and also took snaps in the streets of London with The Sex Pistols' track Anarchy In The UK playing over the top of one post.

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Khalifa also said that the Uber Eats service in the UK was better than that of the US counterpart.

She even screenshotted a list of Lebanese wines on offer through the service.

Daily Star had reported on Khalifa's trip to London, with one post from the former Pornhub star claiming she "might never go back to the US".

The influencer and media personality joked that if she had "two more pints" she might never go back to the US following her vacation in London.

According to her Instagram stories, Khalifa was partial to a full English with "blood pudding and a cuppa please, mate" which she shared to her Instagram account around the start of her trip to London.

Fans of the star are unsure on which hotel she is staying at, but Mia made a serious point of security concerns and said she may reveal the hotel she stayed at "after I leave the country safely."

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