Ex-Cartel boss assassinated as he got his haircut in gruesome public killing

A former cartel boss has been publicly assassinated while getting a haircut at a Mexican barbershop.

Danny Isaac Ortiz Covarrubias, also known as ‘El Moreno’, had been getting his haircut in Baja California, which is on the border between Mexico and the US.

Moreno, who is a former leader of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, was killed when a gunman entered the barbershop and shot him in the head.

Reports say the business owner had been in the middle of cutting the victim’s hair when the gunmen walked straight up to his client and opened fire with at least 10 shots being fired at the premises.

The incident occurred at the barbershop located on Universidad Boulevard in the Guajardo neighbourhood on Tuesday at around 2pm local time.

Police were able to confirm the armed suspect travelled in a Toyota to the barbershop and shot two men.

Moreno was killed at the scene but the other unnamed victim was taken to hospital.

The gunman and suspected accomplices fled the scene but an investigation found 10 9-mm bullets.

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According to American Post, Moreno reportedly had problems within his former cartel, which is led by Nemesio Oseguera, better known as El Mencho, and his death could have been due to treason.

There are reports of a letter being found on Christmas Eve addressed to Moreno from the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, which branded the victim a “traitor”.

Local Mexican media reported that Moreno had difficult times with his cartel colleagues and he tried to join another group called Arellano Cartel.

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His brother was also murdered back in 2019, according to Mexican news site Infobae.

Moreno had been wanted by police after being accused of drug trafficking and stealing fuel from Mexican state-owned petroleum company Pemex.

He was also accused of murder and kidnapping in 2017 and had been on the authorities' most wanted list in 2020.

Reports also suggest that Moreno had some control over elements of the Municipal Police and sponsored certain political campaigns.

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