Ex-WWE star Big Show shares crazy 18,000 calorie diet and huge McDonalds order

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    Ex-WWE and AEW star Big Show has revealed his crazy 18,000 calorie a day diet, which includes a massive McDonald's order.

    The legend of the ring, who racked up countless titles and major wins against the best in the business, spilled the beans on his usual diet plan.

    His heyday saw him picking up titles as well as massive McDonald's food orders, as well as more than a dozen tacos in an insane 18,000 calorie binge.

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    Big Show, real name Paul Wight, admitted he "used to eat whatever I wanted" but soon shaped up his diet to fit in some healthier foods.

    But during his time at the top of his game, the former WWE Champion says he would cruise through four Big Macs and other Golden Arches essentials.

    Speaking to TalkSport, the professional wrestler, once billed as "the son of Andre the Giant", said: "My calorie intake back in the day, which was a lot of empty, bad calories, because I used to just eat whatever I wanted in massive amounts.

    "I'd probably say it was somewhere between 13 and 18,000 calories a day. You get Big Macs you know, I get four Big Macs and then I get fries, I get a shake, apple pies, a fish sandwich or two."

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    His monster McDonald's orders did not bring his gluttony to an end, as the former Tag Team Champion revealed he also stopped off at another fast food favourite.

    Big Show added: "Then you'd go to Taco Bell and get like 20 tacos."

    But chowing down on multiple tacos and a quartet of Big Macs is not a permanent lifestyle choice, as Mr Wight revealed later in the interview.

    He continued: "You can do that when you're younger, when you're still going to be big, but as you get older you realise 'Well, I can't really eat like that anymore'."

    Not everyone was pleased with Big Show's order though, with some fans recognising a red flag when they see one and calling out the fish sandwich addition.

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    One Twitter user wrote: "The fish sandwich is a step too far for anyone."

    Another added: "Big Show is the only person I’ve ever heard of ordering a filet-o-fish. Mind blown."

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