Exact regions to bake in 30C heat before UK set for dramatic weather change

UK weather: Muggy few days to come

Maps are glowing bright red in anticipation for a 30C heatwave heading for Britain in mere hours. Greater London and its surrounding boroughs are tipped to hit the highest temperatures, according to GFS model runs by weather experts at Netweather. 

The rest of the south east, including Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Essex and parts of Berkshire will simmer around the 28C mark. 

Coastal areas, especially those in Kent, Sussex and Hampshire, will see thermometers fall by about three to four degrees, but it will still feel extremely hot for most.

The Met Office with the UK Health Security Agency has issued a yellow heat health alert warning for many parts of England, with the north east being the exception. 

It warns of those aged 65 and over being exposed to ‘significant impacts’ as the mercury soars, with internal temperatures in health settings such as care homes likely to be exceeded.

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The alert says that there is a chance that while the blistering heat may subside for many from Sunday night, with thunderstorms crashing over some areas, that the east and south eastern parts of England may still be very hot on Monday.

While the alert subsides at 9am on June 26, the Met Office believes it may take an additional 24 hours for temperatures to start falling away for these areas. 

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Jim Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, gave his outlook on next week and described how the uncomfortable temperatures would shift.

He said: “Next weekend not hot, not cold, right in between but very mixed weatherwise with rain and showers. The main stonking heat focus is on southern Spain, Middle East, Pakistan, Texas & north east China with 45-50C within these zones, records set to fall.”

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Speaking in the long-term, Mr Dale said the hot weather, despite faltering by the end of next week, would be back before long for Britain.

He added: “I’m pretty confident it will return in the medium term with bells on.” But the Met Office is predicting a wet and possibly unsettled start to July, which will offer a stark contrast to the heat felt this month.

Met Office long-range forecast

The Met Office does not allude to any particularly high temperatures for Britain in the coming days. In its outlook for June 29 to July 8 it says: “Although mainly settled initially, with some showers in the north and west, more unsettled conditions are expected to affect the UK at times through this period.

“Further showers, perhaps turning thundery in the south, with increased amounts of cloud and some persistent, occasionally heavy rain mainly affecting western areas. Best of any drier or sunny weather expected in the east.

“Generally light winds but moderate or strong in the northwest with temperatures close to average, perhaps warm in the east.

“Towards the end of the period, northern areas are more likely to see settled conditions. While risks of showers, perhaps thundery, will be greatest in the south. However, showery interludes remain a possibility for any part of the country. Temperatures generally around, or just above average.”

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