Excruciating death of sicko Mr Hands after sex with horse nicknamed Big D*ck

A man dubbed "Mr Hands" who was killed from sex with a horse was only interested in its giant penis, a documentary writer claims.

Kenneth Pinyan's final moments were filmed by a zoophile pal as the pair recorded one of their many close encounters with horses under the cloak of darkness.

The 45-year-old aircraft engineer suffered a deadly case of acute peritonitis in 2005 from rolling around in the hay with a horse he imaginatively nicknamed 'Big D*ck'.

It was only after Pinyan's death in the picturesque town of Enumclaw that bestiality became illegal in the US state of Washington, a law change that put an end to perverts climbing into stables late at night.

Charles Mudede, 53, who wrote a documentary on the sickos, previously described Enumclaw as a "paradise for a horse f*****" but in an exclusive interview with the Daily Star, he says horses were just an "abstract" to the likes of "Mr Hands".

He said: "A lot of these guys were really just into the size of the horse's cock, you know?

"I think the horse was almost like an abstract. What they really wanted was a big cock. That was the funny thing."

Charles added: "I always wondered were they really zoos or were they just after the cock? I don't think they even saw a horse."

Zoophile is the polite name for people who find animals sexually attractive, however, Charles who met several of them in making Zoo, is not convinced "Mr Hands" fell into the same category.

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The twisted group in Washington which included James Michael Tait, who filmed Pinyan's fatal romp, met over Facebook where they shared their bestiality fantasies.

Charles said: "Pinyan was into extreme sex and so that's how he got into the group, which of course cost him his life.

"They called the horse 'Big D*ck' that's where my theory comes from, there was no horse there. It was just a big d*ck.

"I think if a human had that sized cock they would have f***ed it too. Do you know what I mean? The horse was an abstract."

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When it came to writing the film Zoo with filmmaker Robinson Devor, the pair met zoophiles who hoped the documentary would help normalise their shady past time.

Charles claims the "zoos" took to Robinson more than him because they felt as though he sympathised with them.

He said: "When filming they liked Rob a lot more than they liked me. They thought I was the one who thought I wasn't really on their side.

"They could tell I was more critical of what they were doing and that I thought it was pretty disgusting. But work has to be done, a story has to be told and I'll do the best that I can to provide the reader with as much information that I have available to me."

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Charles believes the zoos held out hope that the film would help reverse the recent bestiality law which would be looked back on as a 'dark age'.

He added: "You'd have to blow up the whole of society and dissolve all our laws for that to happen. I was not their crusader but I came up with the film's ideas.

"In the film we had to go over things over and over again and a lot of things were pretty disgusting.

"They liked the documentary for the most part and thought it was fair. They're not going to get a better shot from anywhere else."

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