F****** idiot Russians mocked by Ukrainian soldier for hapless shooting skills

Russian soldiers on the front line of the invasion into Ukraine have been slammed as *f***ing stupid" and “goofs”, by a Ukrainian battling to save his homeland.

Video footage emerged of what appears to be a clip from a documentary of Ukrainian soldiers being very blunt about what it's like fighting against the Russian invasion.

And in one clip, a soldier is filmed lying down among scrubland and snow, holding a gun of some kind, with yellow and blue tape on his helmet, being interview.

According to the translation, he said: “We are very lucky that they (the Russian soldiers) are so f*****g stupid.

“They're just goofs. Flying above us and shooting f**k knows where.”

While it is not clear exactly where in Ukraine the soldier is, he can be seen shaking his head to the sound of more Russian shelling explosions.

Another clip from the film shows him, along with other soldiers, filming the realities of the war using a drone controlled by an iPhone.

He added: “Every time we speak to our defenders, it became a tradition to hear about non-professionalism of the enemy.

“It seems that unsuitability is now a main characteristic of the Russian army.

“The enemy takes us by number, not even having the basic military skills.”

According to Ukrainian officials, around 1,300 soldiers have been killed since the invasion began last month, while Russia has so far failed to release it's casualty numbers.

However, Justin Bronk, research fellow at the UK’s Royal United Services Institute, told the Financial Times that the losses “are massively more than in any other recent conflict” including Georgia, Chechnya or Afghanistan in the 1980s

He added: “What we have seen on the ground is an extremely bad plan coupled with absolutely no warning to operational commanders they were about to throw their troops into operational combat which has created an enormous number of problems for them.”

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