Fake ISIS jihadis strap ‘suicide vests’ to terrified celebs in sick TV prank

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An Iraqi TV show has been slammed for ambushing celebrities with fake ISIS fighters and forcing them to wear phoney suicide vests in a twisted prank.

During the programme, terrified celebrities were tricked into visiting houses for a charity project before fake jihadists broke in and told them they were "going to be killed".

The prank show, Tanneb Rislan, faced fierce criticism by shocked viewers when it was aired during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

In clips of the show posted on YouTube, a group of fake ISIS extremists arm themselves with plastic machine guns as they storm into a house where the celebrities are.

The participants can be heard screaming and begging for their lives when the "terrorists" fire "blanks" in the air.

They eventually get their hands tied up and have their eyes covered with scarves.

One "captured" female participant, actress Neesma, passes out in shock shortly after she is forced to wear a "suicide vest".

The ordeal is brought to an end when fake soldiers come to the rescue by removing her vest and "detonating the bomb".

International Iraqi soccer star Alaa Mhawi was also a victim of the pranksters and was shown blindfolded and begging for his life.

He appeared in one episode, telling the pranksters: "I’m your brother, I’m Iraqi and I represent the whole nation."

The series has since sparked outrage on social media, with viewers saying "it's not entertainment".

One wrote: "I don’t see what pleasure you could get watching these people being tortured in this way."

A second said: "The show is giving free advertising to IS and other terrorist groups. This isn't entertainment."

But a writer of the show, Dargham Abu Rghif, has sprung to its defence.

"The scenes are harsh but… if IS had won, artists would have had a far harder life, and all Iraqis too," he wrote on Facebook.

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