Family overjoyed as stolen dog lost for 13 years is found safe and well

A family from Nashville, Tennessee was left heartbroken when their Yorkshire Terrier was plucked from their front yard.

The Fox family never forgot the day when someone in a red Dodge pick-up truck stopped in front of their Nashville home and grabbed their Yorkshire terrier, Connor from their front yard.

They searched for weeks, but were never able to find their pet or the truck, the Nashville Tennessean reported.

The family believed all hope was lost – and as it had passed more than a decade since they last saw him, they never thought they would never see Connor again.

But after 13 years, Karen Fox got a voicemail from the company that owned the microchip she had put in the dog – telling her that someone had brought in a dog named Connor.

A second call followed, from Nashville’s Animal Control centre on March 4, telling her someone had brought the dog in after finding it wandering the street.

The Fox family were in complete shock from the news, with Karen describing it as "pure, utter amazement!”

To make things even better, when she arrived at the shelter, Connor recognised her instantly.

He excitedly walked up and licked her face – confirming to all around him that he had made it home at long last.

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Once returned, Karen said he seemed to remember his favourite spots around the house and settled in as though he'd never left.

The family were understandably emotional to be reunited with their stolen pet.

Karen said the most emotional thing for her was thinking about how much her husband would have celebrated the return.

She remembered how he used to love to sit and brush the 8lb Yorkie but he never got the chance to do that again.

Her husband sadly passed away 4 years ago without seeing his beloved pooch return.

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