Familys £1,100 Center Parcs holiday ruined by bird poo on patio

A mum has vowed never to return to Centre Parcs after her patio was found covered in bird droppings.

Daniela Sponder, 35, and her husband took their two children to the Nottingham resort for a £1,100 family getaway.

With their little ones, two and 16 weeks, in tow they had set off non-stop family fun – but the good times were cut short by the turds.

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She was told by customer services that the problem would be fixed within 24 hours and that the patio would be jet washed.

No one turned up to start with, forcing Daniela to complain again.

Eventually workers did show, theMirrorreports, but only with mops and bleach.

The use of bleach in a place where children would be playing frustrated Daniela, who said: "When they arrived with that, I thought, 'Are you having a laugh?'.

"The equipment was completely inadequate with inappropriate methods used, there was a lack of common sense and it was a massive health and safety hazard.

"I understand we were near a lake and it can get dirty very quickly, but I just wanted there to be the highest standard of cleaning possible and it was filthy. There was no chance my children were going anywhere near that.

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"It was a bit of a disappointing trip in that sense. We were really looking forward to it as we couldn't go abroad this year because of the birth of my daughter. But since all that happened, it's put us right off ever going back."

She raised a complaint on July 8 when she got home.

She wants a "sincere apology" for how “disgusted” the experience left her.

"I did receive a response from them saying that the situation was out of their control, but I thought that's not good enough, and wanted to escalate it to management. But I don't believe this was done and I don't think it was handled in the appropriate manner.

"It's all well and good when money is taken, but basic safety and hygienic matters were not taken into consideration. We're talking about young children being able to play outside but they can't because of the bleach."

The Daily Star has contacted Centre Parcs for comment.


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