Farting OnlyFans star kicked out of country over boobs desecrates war memorial

An OnlyFans star who sells her farts online, and who claims she was kicked out of South Korea after someone reported her for "having her boobs out" while streaming has been criticised for posing suggestively at a war memorial.

Hong Kong streamer Kiaraakitty, or Kiki on social media, made headlines when she revealed she was raking it in by selling her own bodily gas in nicely wrapped jars to desperate fans.

Recently, she caused controversy by taking to the streets of Seoul, South Korea, in a revealing outfit, attracting the outrage of authorities and allegedly being given the boot.

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But despite frayed international relations with South Korea, the streamer somehow got her hands on a Korean warship – or so she claims.

"Don’t f* with me. So happy w my new toy, a warship (sic)," she posted on Instagram, posing in the command deck of the apparent warship.

She also clung to a massive gun on the deck of the ship that she said on Twitter is South Korean and in Seoul.

On her Instagram story she posted the picture and wrote: "I purchased a war ship and left it in Korea. You jealous?"

But she was met with criticism for her sultry poses in a "sacred" place.

"Come on – this is a sacred place. It's a memorial dedicated to sailors who died on that ship," one detractor wrote on Instagram.

"Korea police coming," added another, while a third chimed in with "Korean cops are still on your tail".

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Another person added: "Do you support war? That's sad."

The vessel is likely situated in Seoul Battleship Park, a tourist attraction along the Hangang riverfront that gives visitors a chance to look inside a decomissioned naval battleship.

The star claims she was kicked out of South Korea last week and she claims to be in Japan on her Instagram.

In a TikTok video posted on Sunday (April 9), the content creator showed how two officers approached her as she spoke on her stream.

The officers then call up a translator who explains to Kiaraakitty what the other officers are trying to say.

Kiaraa claimed that someone had reported her to the police for "having my boobs out".

On Wednesday, April 12, she claimed that Korea kicked her out "because of boobs".

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