Fashion blogger and black boyfriend ‘arrested by police hunting white suspects’

A fashion blogger claims police wrongfully arrested and pepper-sprayed her and her black boyfriend in a case of mistaken identity.

Kaana Grace, 18, filmed the moment her partner was pinned to the ground by at least four officers.

She said they had been walking down the road when officers stopped and tried to detain them in Loughton, Essex.

Her boyfriend was caught on camera screaming as officers tried to detain him while she repeatedly claimed they had the “wrong man”.

She tearfully explained how police were chasing a suspected stolen car when they wrongfully arrested the couple.

But the influencer claimed officers were on the hunt for a white man and a brunette woman – and they did not match their profiles.

In a video shared with her 60,000 Instagram followers, she said: “Today me and my boyfriend had just stepped out of the house to go to the shop. “We saw a black car speeding down the high road with police and vans chasing the vehicle.

“It could've killed people. It was swerving busy traffic and even I had to run across the road as they nearly drove over me and my boyfriend on the pavement.

“All of a sudden two police cars had unexpectedly pulled up and they hopped out and grabbed my and my boyfriend and spraying us with pepper spray and arrested us without telling us why.

“Later on they told us we were arrested for suspicion of a stolen vehicle, even though he was among a crowd watching the craziness.”

She went on: “They said we match the description of a brunette woman and a white man, which we clearly are not.

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“We were just standing on the sidewalk. We were 'mistaken identities'.

“We are so ashamed and upset we had to go through this.

“Also to mention we did not resist arrest even though we were innocent.”

The blogger added: “We were just so confused and shouting we have done nothing wrong.

“How could we have stolen the vehicle if it was still being chased actively by police with the criminals inside and we were just standing near a flower shop?

“They later de-arrested us and just left saying they got the wrong people.”

Her boyfriend was later released.

Her video has racked up hundreds of thousands of views so far.

The police force says it has made a voluntary referral to the Independent Office for Police Conduct.

In a statement to, a police spokesman said: “A man was detained because his clothes matched the description of those worn by the driver of a suspected cloned car who had run off after being spotted nearby.

“Based solely on this description, officers asked to speak to him, but he pulled away despite being asked to stand still and remain calm.

“He was restrained.

“Officers’ body camera footage is being examined to establish if the correct procedures were followed.

"There is more to this incident than is shown on videos being circulated on social media.

"Checks by the officers established the man was not wanted in connection with the suspicious car, and he was allowed on his way minutes later. We have been in contact with him to check on his welfare.”

The force said the suspect linked to the suspicious car was arrested shortly afterwards.

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