Fears China spy balloons may have passed over UK as government launches review

The UK Government has launched a security review due to fears that China sent spy balloons into the country.

For the last seven days, a series of balloons from China – thought to be spy balloons – have plagued the US and Canada.

And while it is now thought that the balloons have been spotted over five continents, the leaders in the UK are sufficiently worried enough that a review is being launched.

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Speaking to The Sun, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said last week: “Is it the case that a Chinese satellite has probably circled Britain and looked at us? I should think yes.”

And on Sunday (February 12) he added: “The UK and her allies will review what these airspace intrusions mean for our security.

“This development is another sign of how the global threat picture is changing for the worse.”

So far, three balloons have been shot down over the United States, while the US Air Force was granted permission to Canadian airspace by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to shoot one down there.

During the recovery of one of the balloons, the US State Department confirmed that the giant inflatable contained “multiple antennas” which were being used for “Intelligence collection operations”.

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Gregory Falco, an assistant professor at Johns Hopkins University's Department of Civil and Systems Engineering told the BBC: “The types of antennas are meant for surveillance technology and this is not something you would expect for any type of scientific mission.

“They have a high-powered system that can do a lot of data relay.

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“I don't know exactly what they were collecting, but all the mechanics are there for getting a lot of data back to their satellites.”

China's only comments on the balloons came via weekly press conference given by a Minister of Foreign Affairs spokesman.

They said that it was the “unmanned airship is from China, of civilian nature and used for flight test.”

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