Fears King Charles plan for cut price coronation could be huge royal mistake

King Charles III’s plans for a dramatically slimmed down coronation could be a huge mistake and waste the opportunity to show the UK’s soft power, experts have claimed.

The new monarch is reported to favour a smaller and less extravagant ceremony with 2,000 guests instead of 8,000 and a shorter running time to showcase his vision for a more modern and slick Royal Family.

But the radical idea for the coronation, set to take place in June next year, has sparked backlash from commentators who want to see a coronation more similar to Queen Elizabeth’s in 1953.

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Historian Andrew Roberts argued the event had the opportunity to offer Brits a much-needed celebration after the difficult winter expected amid the cost of living crisis.

He told the Daily Mail: “Coronations come once in a generation. If this is seen as a cut-price coronation it will backfire.

“This is a chance to represent the people and the nation on a global stage. It would be very sad if that was wasted.”

Alongside less guests and a shorter ceremony, popular rituals such as the monarch being shown with eye-wateringly expensive gold ingots and a lengthy ceremonial role known as the Court of Claims could also be scrapped.

The modern procession is also expected to be more religiously and culturally diverse, with old-fashioned language and phrases dropped.

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Roberts added: “Coronations are moments of national celebration.

“Nobody wants to waste money, but Britain can only exert its soft power effectively if occasions like this are done well.

“A great pageant like a coronation is a chance to draw the attention of the world to Britain. It could advertise Britain wonderfully.”

Whilst another royal commentator, Daniel Johnson, argued: “There’s a danger that Charles risks making himself somehow less authoritative if he’s not going to be presented to the world as a full-on monarch…

“Charles should not worry too much about the cost, at a time of concern about rising inflation, taxes and mortgages.

“That cost is a drop in the ocean of public spending.”

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