Fed up woman lists husband on auction site as he goes on fishing trip with pals

A woman fed up with her husband has put him up for sale on an auction website, listing him with a description and bidding war to follow.

The advert, which the woman placed up after her husband abandoned her with the kids to go on a fishing trip, has now been taken down.

According to the advert, posted by Linda McAlister, her husband, John, is a "decent breeding, 6'1, 37 years old and a beef farmer."

But the advert was said to have breached the terms and conditions, and McAlister is yet to find a successful bidder for her fisherman husband.

In the brief time John, described as a "shootin', and fishin' sort of fellow," was listed, bidding had soared to €63 (£53).

The advert added that potential bid winners should be wary, as John has a fondness for a fishing trip.

McAlister was quick to mention that her husband John was used goods, saying he had many previous owners but would remain loyal if he was fed and watered.

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Some were seriously considering the purchase, with one user enquiring about further information about the for sale husband, with Linda replying that he was "extremely fond of lengthy pasture and or weather conversations; generally of a Friday evening, involving a sturdy focus on hydration.

"Overhydration may lead to some unsavoury consequences… videos available on request."

She warned also that John "suffers from socks-on-the-floor-itus, which I have found to be contagious to younger models and unfortunately recurring."

John was apparently only aware of the sale after friends told him about the ad.

Linda has said her husband was a good sport about the advertisement, and that he was "laughing at the whole thing.

"He was sure he would fetch a pretty penny… he is avidly watching the ad to prove said theory."

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