Ferret owner panics as pet disappears only to find he crashed next doors party

A pet owner took to social media to appeal after she discovered her ferret was missing only to find him gate-crashing her next door neighbour's birthday party.

Megan Beesley, from Hindley, Greater Manchester, had been out with her partner Jordan Swain, 29, and her two-year-old son Calvin to pick up a pumpkin on Sunday.

The family returned home to spot five-month old Bernard had escaped from his cage.

They eventually got a knock on the door from a neighbour to say the ferret was taking a nap during their birthday festivities.

Her neighbours knocked on her door and asked: "Is your ferret trying to gate-crash our party?"

Meghan said: "They must have had 20 people in their garden, music playing, they were playing football and having food – and Bernard was just sleeping through the lot.

"He likes their garden and had just taken himself off there for a nap.

"He just woke up yawning and as soon as he saw me he just came back home."

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The 29-year-old lifeguard and swimming teacher said it is not the first time little Bernard had gone missing in the months he has been with the family.

The "cheeky" ferret has gotten loose on a number of occasions and on three of the times, he left the family home.

Bernard apparently digs out of the bottom of his cage and strategically covers the holes with toys.

On one occasion, Bernard escaped and wandered down the street before making a makeshift under a neighbour's shed.

Neighbours thought he was a pole cat and had been taking care of him by feeding him chicken and bacon as they posted on social media to try find the owner.

"We didn't even realise he was missing at first,” said Megan.

"Then I saw a picture of the 'pole cat' on social media and thought, that's my little Bernard."

"It took us half an hour to coax him out from under the shed as with all the food they had been giving him he was too happy there."

But worried the family were worried this time they might not be so lucky.

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Megan posted pictures of Bernard, who she describes as "cheeky," on social media and stated: "Bernard's gotten out of his cage again."

One ferret owner empathised, saying: "I had ferrets when I was a kid, every day was like the great escape."

Megan posted about his safe return on her local Facebook group.

The family have now 'reinforced' Bernard’s cage in the hope he no longer goes on any more missions.

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