Fisherman spots ‘log’ floating off beach – then realises it’s a huge crocodile

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A fisherman got the shock of his life when he spotted a massive 13ft crocodile surfing in the sea just metres from a tourist beach.

Dave Devine thought he saw a "log" floating in the water when he just finished setting up his fishing gear at Farnborough beach in Queensland, Australia.

He told 7News: "I thought, 'that's strange'. I had a closer look and I actually saw it was a crocodile."

The video he shared on his Facebook on Thursday (June 3) shows the wild beast surfing a mini wave near the shore.

As the water goes down, the apex predator bobs its head above and exposes its long tail in the air.

The animal seems to be enjoying a dip in the cool water while basking in the sunshine.

Dave, who has been fishing at the location for more than 10 years, said he had never seen a crocodile at Farnborough beach before.

"Just to see a crocodile out in the wild was amazing," Dave added. "First time I've ever seen one out here."

His friends and family were shocked to see a huge reptile at a tourist hotspot.

One said: "This is where we took you and Ed fishing up the beach!"

"Oh my God!" a second wrote. "That is too crazy!"

A third commented: "Yet another reason not to come to Australia! Sharks, snakes, it's so dangerous so best not come here."

Last month, a Florida man had a close encounter with an 11ft alligator when he was fishing at the wetland areas of Everglade.

The man narrowly escaped after tripping over while running from the beast.

While in Kenya, a group of tourists got chased by an angry hippo during a safari sightseeing on a speedboat.

The animal tailed behind them for at least four minutes until it got tired and stopped.

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