Flat-chested Hooters waitress studying to be doctor fired by hellish manager

A self-professed "flat-chested" Hooters waitress claims she's been fired by a "hellish" manager.

Kristen Songer, 22, shot to social media fame after sharing a TikTok tutorial on how she transforms her A-cup breasts into an ample eyeful for work.

She was working at Hooters while studying to become a doctor at the University of South Carolina, US.

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However, in her latest post on the video sharing app Kristen explained to her 170,000 followers that she's now been let go.

She said: "Long story short there was a manager there – not even a manager, a shift-lead – that had been transferred from another store to our store, and was trying to get rid of all the girls that had been there longer than her.

"She fired a girl of about eight years before me, then she fired about six of us, another four quit," she continued, with a caption explaining that this all happened within the space of two months.

Kristen was given the boot after three years service.

"Even our general manager and both other managers quit, too," she said.

"She [the new shift-lead] made this place hell."

Kristen then went on to explain that she was fired on a "technicality" over something called "changing guest count".

She claimed that her new general manager, who had been with Hooters for years but started at her restaurant the day she got suspended, said: "I should have never been fired over it. It was such a technicality that it should have been a write-up, if anything."

Kristen continued: "But he thinks HR was just tired of seeing my name because of how much I was asking them for help this summer because of this manager making our workplace so hostile and so miserable."

At the end of the video, Kristen showed a screenshot of TikTok from a woman she said was the new shift-lead in question.

The caption on it read: “[I’m] Under investigation by HR for making employees follow policy."

Then she lists some accusations against her staff: "19-year-old comes in drunk and uses manager codes.

"One puts liquor in her coffee.

"One sleeps with almost all the customers and breaks all the rules.

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"One tells on everyone then denies it and says it's fake messages."

Kristen concluded her video by saying: "Look at how this manager talks about us on social media."

Luckily, she hasn't been unemployed for too long. In the comments she revealed: “Tonight’s my first night at my new job 🙂 All my old managers offered me jobs with them or reference letters,” she cheered. “I’m super thankful!”


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