Footage of bags of cats in China waiting for slaughter after owners get Covid

A horrifying video shows cats in sacks dumped at a roadside in China, allegedly waiting to be destroyed after their owners caught Covid.

The living felines have been stuffed so tightly in the mesh bags that many of them are unable to stand and are sprawled over each other.

One cat is audibly yowling while others appear to be so frightened they are silent.

The footage was recorded in Shanghai where a brutal culling of cats belonging to people who have caught Covid is said to be taking place.

China is still trying to adopt a zero Covid cases approach to the pandemic and is using very tight controls, such as refusing to let people leave their homes or offices.

The disturbing footage was shared on Twitter by US pro basketball player Enes Freedom with the caption: "26 million people in lockdown in Shanghai.

"People are committing suicide from their balconies and pets from people getting tested positive for Covid are being collected to be killed and slaughtered in Shanghai, China. This is pure evil!"

The clip has since been watched more than 1million times.

It is not clear how long the cats were left by the roadside before they were taken away.

This comes just days after another disturbing video appeared to show a Covid enforcer bludgeoning an innocent corgi to death with a shovel.

Unverified footage shows a worker dressed in a full hazmat suit running after the corgi down a street.

The terrified dog tries to escape and hides under parked cars but is soon found by the Covid enforcer who hits the poor dog three times with a shovel until it lies motionless on the ground.

In a community Weibo chat group, the dog's owner, who was in quarantine and had no food left for the pet, explained: "We hoped to let him outside and be like a stray dog.

"We didn’t want him to starve to death. As long as he could live it would be ok. We never expected that he would be beaten to death the moment we had left."

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