Football fan, 16, pours with blood after cop smashes his skull with baton strike

Footage appearing to show a teenage football fan hit over the head with a police officer's baton has sparked an investigation.

The clip shared online appears to show an officer hitting a 16-year-old over the head with his baton as a woman is heard screaming: "What have you done to my son?"

South Yorkshire Police have promised there will be a "full and open investigation" into the incident, confirming that the boy had been injured by an officer's baton.

The boy required hospital treatment after his head was cut open during an incident which happened amid clashes between bitter Championship football rivals, Barnsley and Sheffield Wednesday.

An officer was also taken to hospital with injuries to his stomach and head, The Mirror reported.

The officer is said to have been responding to disorder between rival fans outside the Barnsley Interchange following Saturday's fixture, with officers believed to have rushed over to two boys fighting.

Spencer White, who shared the video, said the officer's reaction was "uncalled for".

He added: "I thought they were supposed to protect people. Disgusting."

The video shows a boy laying on the floor with blood pouring from his wound as his mum appears to shout: "That's my son, you f***ing idiot."

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Angry fans surrounded the officer and one shocked onlooker shouted: "I swear to god, that was a f***ing liberty".

Another female police officer tried to calm the crowd down by telling the group that "he's injured."

The incident occurred outside the Barnsley Interchange following a 1-1 draw between Barnsley and Sheffield Wednesday.

A loud crack can be heard on the footage when the teen is struck with the baton.

South Yorkshire Police issued a statement confirming the fan sustained a head injury from an officer's baton.

Chief Superintendent and Match Commander Sarah Poolman said: "Yesterday, Saturday, February 8, following the Barnsley V Sheffield Wednesday match our officers responded to disorder outside the transport interchange.

"A full, open investigation, including extended video footage, will take place to ascertain the circumstances around the incident, including the actions which led to a 16-year-old boy sustaining a head injury from an officer's baton, and an officer being assaulted, sustaining injuries to his stomach and head."

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