Freezing dogs found tied to a tree ‘not realising they’ve been abandoned’

Two golden retrievers have melted viewers' hearts after wagging their tails in excitement at rescuers – not realising they had been abandoned by their owners.

The two freezing pooches were found tied to a tree in the northern Chinese city of Dalian, in Liaoning province on Monday, January 4.

Rescuers from Dalian VShine animal protection association received a call from local residents and rushed to the location where they saw two skinny, shabby-looking goldies with their leads strapped around a tree by the roadside.

A video shared by the animal shelter captures the moment the friendly dogs wagging their tails profusely under the freezing weather.

The volunteers said the canines were soaked in ice-cold water and their bodies were cold to touch.

A description displayed in the clip suggested that the dogs had not realised they had been abandoned.

It added: "The dogs thought we were going to bring them to their owners."

Another segment of the clip shows the dogs being inspected at a veterinary clinic where the vet said both dogs suffered serious skin conditions.

It appears that they have folliculitis, a bacterial infection which can cause various skin abnormalities, such as bumps, sores and scabs.

The expert said their conditions indicated the poor living conditions and handling of the owner as they believed the dogs were suffering the skin problems for at least one to two months.

Viewers thanked the volunteers for saving the dogs while some condemned the owner for abandoning the pets.

One wrote: "They were lucky to have met you guys. Please take care of them now and I hope they can find a new owner soon!"

Another said: "This is heartbreaking to watch. I pray for their speedy recovery."

"What kind of owner is that?" a third blasted. "They left the dogs in freezing cold weather."

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