Friend of missing Pāpāmoa doctor David Holland hopes to make more memories with him again one day

Thousands of miles away, over continents and oceans, Will Carroll hopes he can one day make new memories with his now missing friend.

Pāpāmoa resident David Holland has been missing for almost two weeks.

Originally from Wales, his family have travelled to New Zealand to help search for their loved one who was last heard from on March 11.

That evening he told friends he would be going for a swim near the end of Pacific View Rd in Pāpāmoa.

The search has focussed on that area.

Back in the UK, Will Carroll is finding it difficult not being in the country to help look for his friend.

He explained they first met four years ago as neighbours in Auckland’s hospital accommodation when they had both moved to New Zealand.

They bonded over a love of board games and performing arts.

“From the very beginning, he has been a compassionate and supportive friend with a wonderful sense of humour and always an advocate for what was right.”

An adventurous spirit, he said Holland always encourages him to be more outgoing and try new things such as swing dancing and pottery, which he loves.

“He has been my rock throughout my time in New Zealand and I couldn’t imagine going through the last four years without him.”

In January, Holland visited Carroll in Northland before he moved back to the UK where they added to what he called many wonderful memories by trekking up Mount Manaia.

“I’m still holding out that we will be able to make more memories together in the future.”

Being in the UK was difficult he said, but he took solace in the overwhelming response of the community.

“Dave creates positivity wherever he goes and the way his friends and community have come together for him is testament to his compassion and amiability.”

Last Saturday, a week after the search began, there were 148 volunteer searchers who helped comb the beach’s sand dunes.

There were no items of interest found.

A Police spokesperson said inquiries were still being carried out and the search to date was being reviewed.

A Go Fund Me page was created, intended to ease his family’s financial worries during their time in New Zealand.

Hundreds of people have donated more than $20,000 in a few days.

Page creator Dean Ella wrote: “David is a wonderful person. His friends, family and colleagues love him for being kind-hearted, endlessly thoughtful and funny.”

They described him as active and outdoorsy and a keen cyclist, swimmer, hiker, Ultimate Frisbee player and an excellent swing dancer.

“It is due to this warm, open, adventurous personality that David has friends from all over the world and all walks of life that are looking for ways to help.”

They said there was a lot of uncertainty and one of the ways they hoped to help was by “ensuring that Dave’s family do not need to worry about finances … whilst they continue to navigate this inconceivable situation”.

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