Friends left stunned when they learn of joint lottery win at the same time

Friends Joanne Green, 45, and Suzy Hawkins, 40, are among seven Earl Shilton neighbours celebrating winningPeople’s Postcode Lottery , finding out they had landed £30,000 each at the same time.

Lottery ambassador Danyl Johnson presented their prize cheques which left the pair stunned.

Joanne said: “I’m in shock to be honest, I didn’t expect it all. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it.”

Suzy added: “It’s pretty amazing. It’s hard to explain, we’ve never won anything this big before!”

Suzy said the pair began to play the lottery after her father’s neighbours won a prize. When Suzy joined the lottery Joanne followed suit, she said: “I thought, I can’t have her win and not me, I’ve got to do it too!”

Suzy added that the win was especially lucky as she and her family are looking for a new home and almost moved away from the winning postcode earlier this year: “We had sold the house in March but we pulled out for a few reasons, we just wanted to leave it a bit longer. It’s quite lucky that we stayed!”

Suzy added that the winnings will also help with a long-awaited holiday: “We’ve got a holiday booked for Florida which has been postponed for two years so we’ve got that next year for me, my partner and our four kids.

“We’ll do Disney and Universal Studios, all the theme parks. It’s going to help them to have a trip to remember.”

Joanne also had a holiday in mind to celebrate a special anniversary: “I think we’re also going to have a family holiday. With two years of not going away we might treat ourselves to something special.

“Me and my husband got married fifteen years ago in St. Lucia and we always said that we’d love to go back. It might have to wait until next year but hopefully we can go back to the same resort where we got married.”

Dawn Bennett, 63, was another winner on the street to receive a golden envelope and as her winnings were revealed her family burst into cheering.

Dawn wasn’t sure what she’d spend her winnings on at first and joked: “I’m just going to put it in the bank and look at it! I never win anything, it’s lovely.

“I’ll treat the kids, obviously. I’d like to go back to Iceland, the children treated us with a trip there for our anniversary and I’d like to go back there and if I can, probably take the children and have a nice holiday with them.”

Dawn also said she wants to treat her grandchildren with some of the winnings: “I’ll need to speak to them and see what they’d like. My granddaughter would like a horse, but I don’t know if that will come!”

Michael Mimms, 58, was another resident left stunned after receiving a £30,000 prize cheque and said the lottery’s visit had been a lovely surprise. When asked what he might do with the winnings, Michael was unsure but added: “I don’t know, I might get a hot tub!”

People’s Postcode Lottery ambassador Danyl Johnson presented the winners with their prize cheques and sent his congratulations to all the winners, he said: “This is what People’s Postcode Lottery is all about, friends and neighbours winning together! It was so nice to meet some of our winners in Earl Shilton and give them this surprise, I have no doubt that they’ll have a great time enjoying their winnings.”

People’s Postcode Lottery costs £10 a month to play and there are guaranteed winners every day. People play with their chosen postcode and are automatically entered into all draws.

A minimum of 33% of ticket sales goes directly to charities and players of People’s Postcode Lottery have helped raise over £800 million to date for thousands of good causes across Britain and internationally.

This draw was promoted on behalf of Postcode Planet Trust. Through regular grant funding, the trust supports charities and good causes working to protect and promote our environment and wildlife. Funded charities include WWF-UK, Marine Conservation Society and The Wildlife Trusts.

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