Frisky couple filmed romping in turquoise sea at resort as onlookers giggle

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    A frisky couple were caught on video bonking in front of spectators in the crystal clear sea at a popular tourist resort in Honduras.

    A video of the incident, thought to have been shot in the Bay area, showed the racy pair in the water up to their waists – seeming to believe it is perfectly disguising their antics.

    In the clip, the woman seems to be bent forward as she is seen clinging on to the edge of a table for stability.

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    Meanwhile, the man thrusts backwards and forwards while constantly checking that the coast is clear.

    However, he has somehow managed to miss the tourists standing just a few feet away and onlookers who were heard giggling as they filmed the pair from the shore.

    Authorities have since tracked down the couple and they are being quizzed by cops of their raunchy public display as it is illegal on public beaches in Hounduras.

    Mary Ortiz, a spokesperson for the Department of Justice in Puerto Cortes, said: “Those persons are under the order of the police and are cooperating with us at the moment.”

    The investigation into their conduct is ongoing.

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    However, people who have since seen the clip since it emerged online have declared it to be a "dream" and have urged authorities to leave the couple alone.

    One local resident commented: “A dream come true, just enjoying the crystal clear waters.”

    Another joked: “Leave them alone, hotels are so expensive now.”

    A third said: “I think it's fine, just leave them alone. That's the problem, some people don't want to see others happy. Pure envy.”


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