Frustrated Merkel prepares to sideline Barnier in move towards ‘common sense’ Brexit talks

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel is becoming frustrated with Michel Barnier’s recent conduct in the Brexit negotiation and will intervene to rein in the Brussels official. Ms Merkel is losing patience with Mr Barnier, according to a former Brexit Party MEP Andrew Kerr, who also revealed that the European negotiator had few friends among top EU leadership. Mr Kerr predicted that Ms Merkel will eventually step in and impose “some common sense” into the talks.

The latest round of Brexit talks ended in disaster, after Mr Barnier accused the UK of “backtracking” on its commitments.

He said differences remain in four key areas – fisheries, competition rules, governance and police cooperation.

Mr Barnier claimed that the UK had shown no real intention to compromise in any of these areas, bringing talks to a standstill.

Speaking to RT, Andrew Kerr said this was a typical blame-game exercise played out by Brussels.

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The former MEP explained how it is in fact the EU that is dragging their feet with a trade deal.

Mr Kerr said: “It is useless for Barnier to start the blame game to try and cover his tracks.

“The negotiations have been put in the hands of a small powerful minority group that have been hell bent on trying to punish the UK for leaving.

“They know full well that if they don’t give Britain a tough time, others will leave.

“Britain has been after a similar trade deal that the EU has offered to Canada and Japan.

“Their argument that we can’t have it because we are too close is a disingenuous argument.

“I think the most powerful voice in Europe will start to come into play – Angela Merkel.

“She will bring home a bit of common sense, because she knows the real harm is to Germany and the EU in a no deal.

“So anticipate that Merkel will be the peacemaker and bring a bit of common sense.

“There are people, foreign MEPs, who are unhappy with how Barnier is conducting matters and want him replaced.”


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He continued: “Merkel will step in and bring together a deal. This is typical EU. They always blame everyone else. They always wait till the 11th hour.

“Merkel will put real pressure on these talks. I think if Barnier stays, he will be under tremendous pressure to conduct himself in a different way

“Otherwise we will be forced to leave.”

This comes as Germany’s ambassador to the EU Michael Clauss said the Brexit talks will “dominate” Berlin’s six-month presidency of the EU this year.

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