Fuming Grandads mission to save drivers as tiny bus lane makes £400k from fines

A grandad has staged a one-man protest to warn drivers about a tiny bus lane that has caught out thousands of motorists with hefty fines.

Geoffrey Ben-Nathan has campaigned to have the rules for the pesky bus lane changed so the road is clearer for drivers.

The 86-year-old has stood next to the sign leading up to the small 39-foot bus lane, which he said is confusing and leads to people using it accidentally, MyLondon reports.

Geoffrey was one of the many who were fined for driving into the bus lane, which operates 24/7, but he successfully overturned the ticket after a tribunal.

Following a Freedom of Information request, it was revealed that the tiny bus lane had raked in a total of £442,363.36 from 7,854 drivers during the period of April 2019 to the end of 2021.

The problem spot, Geoffrey says, should have measures in place to make the situation clearer for unknowing drivers.

The retired businessman said: "One answer is that councils be put under a statutory duty to flag up all contraventions which are so many per cent above average: be they contraventions in entering a bus lane or contraventions at any other location.

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"Morally, the onus must be on councils to prevent motorists from contravening their motoring regulations. This is not the case at the moment."

At his tribunal hearing, Geoffrey gave examples of other motorists who had overturned their fines with similar reasons to his own.

The 86-year-old suggested the council were happy for the bus lane problems to remain in place as the majority of cases would not be overturned and they would still receive money from fines.

The council has said they will "review" the site to see if "improvements can be made" but a Harrow Council spokesperson said: "We believe that the signage here is clear and in accordance with the law."

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