Furious mum beats up school bully who called her son fat and left him bloodied

This is the bizarre moment a furious mum stormed into a classroom to beat up a school bully who allegedly abused her son.

Mum Roxana claimed her son, Benjamin, came home covered in blood after class and she went to school the next day asking for the boy who hurt her child.

In the video recorded by classmates in the school in Rio Negro province, Argentina, the parent asked her son to point out the "gang" and ran into the classroom, pinning one boy to the wall.

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She shouted: "You have one year left to graduate, you s***ty scoundrels."

Roxana knocked off the boy's white trucker cap and slapped his face, screaming: "What's wrong with you with my son?"

Eventually, it took two adults and several students – all aged around 15 – to pull her away.

The video went viral online and many who have watched criticised Roxana for her actions.

She later apologised by saying: "I am going to apologise accordingly to the student and the boy's family.

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"The situation overwhelmed me emotionally, I do not justify my actions. It is a situation that could have been avoided a long time ago. This is not new."

She reportedly claimed that she had already alerted the school's management about the bully's violent behaviour, but they never responded so she decided to take justice into her own hands.

Roxana said: "One day he [Benjamin] came home all bloody. I reported this to the school authorities and they never gave me an answer. They told me that they could not intervene because they were minors."

She said that her son had suffered "harassment in the bathroom" and claimed the bullies spat and ripped his clothes, they called him fat and they were going to wait for him at the exit to beat him up.

The Ministry of Education criticised the assault and reported that they would investigate the matter.

They stated: "Education authorities in Alto Valle filed a complaint against the person who entered the establishment and physically and verbally assaulted the minor and – according to some testimonies – teachers.

"How did an adult – who does not work at or attend the school – manage to enter the establishment and later a classroom, without any type of authorisation?"

School director Lucas Frank said: "There are duties and rights of parents, students and teachers. What happened is not minor."


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