Furious Tesco shoppers demand shameful store to stop selling Russian vodka

Furious shoppers have made calls to ‘boycott’ Tesco, as the supermarket continues to sell Russian products, including Russian Vodka.

Angry customers have taken to social media to slam the supermarket, branding them ‘shameful’ and pleading with them to ‘do the right thing’.

It comes after other supermarkets have announced they will axe Russian products in a bid to show solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

Sainsbury's has removed Russian Standard vodka and Karpayskiye black sunflower seeds from its shelves.

The supermarket chain said it would start rolling out new packaging in the coming weeks using Chicken Kyiv, rather than the Russian spelling Kiev.

Waitrose also confirmed they will no longer sell Russian vodka.

While ASDA’s announcement will apply to about 100 products – mostly spirits, but also includes fish and some sweets, reports BBC.

Morrisons and Co-op confirmed earlier this week that they would withdraw Russian-made vodka from sale.

Thousands of people have taken to Twitter to voice their frustrations with the popular retailer.

@CarrGilly said: “@Tesco STILL selling Russian vodka. Time to boycott the supermarket altogether? RT please.”

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The user later tweeted a second call for a stop on all Russian products, this time with a picture of a printed message their husband left on Tesco shelves.

The note read: "Dear Tesco, Please remove all Russian manufactured products from your shelves in support of the people of Ukraine.

"It is a small symbolic gesture but it is time for us ALL to do the right thing".

@gami_sutton added: “@Tesco Shame on you for still selling Russian Vodka. This is not the only Russian brand on your shelves either. Profiteering from the lives of Ukrainian people who are being slaughtered by the Putin”.

“Stop selling Russian vodka. Why are you dragging your feet? Time to do the right thing,” @TerenceGBurgess commented.

@craigkelly1301 tweeted: “Made in Russia bottled in Russia so why the hell given everything that nation is doing is this still for sale on the shelves of my local

@Tesco #BoycottRussia #RussianVodka #StopRussianAggression #IStandWithUkraine”.

Daily Star has contacted Tesco for comment.

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