Fury as edited photos of Kate Middleton with black eyes used in edgy campaign

Shocking doctored images of Kate Middleton with black eyes have been shared by a campaign against domestic abuse.

The photoshopped pictures that show the Duchess of Cambridge covered in cuts, bruises and black eyes have been plastered across Europe – allegedly without the Palace's permission.

The photos were edited by artist AleXsandro Palombo and have been seen plastered on bus stops and buildings in Milan and Spain.

The picture, alongside many others featuring well-known women, was accompanied by eerie captions that tell a story of domestic abuse.

Red and white font over each of the images reads: "She reported him.

"But nobody believed her – but she was left alone.

"But she was not protected – but he was not stopped."

A bold red bar at the bottom adds: "But she was killed anyway."

Kensington Palace was not approached about the images, the Sun reports.

Kate was only one of many famous women whose images were photoshopped for this campaign. She was featured alongside US Vice President Kamala Harris, Queen Letizia of Spain and European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen.

In all of these photographs, these famous and powerful women were each covered in blood and bruising with cuts across their lips, eyes and cheeks.

These images were meant to visually shock passersby, rather than to suggest that any of the photoshopped celebs are victims of domestic violence themselves.

Artist AleXsandro Palombo said that he wants the images to "draw attention to the poor responses from politics regarding the problem of gender-based violence" and highlight the "ineffectiveness of the support and protection system to the victims".

Writing alongside the images on Instagram, he said: "Why should a woman report the violence if after the report she is not protected by the institutions and ends up being killed anyway?

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"How can a woman victim of abuse and violence still have faith in the institutions?"

However many commenters were furious at him for using the women's pictures without consent.

One wrote: "How about asking the families of women who have actually suffered from domestic abuse if you can post their pictures. This is ridiculous."


The Palace has not issued a statement about the campaign.

Representatives for the Duchess have been approached for comment.

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