Gale-force winds and torrential rain to lash Brits in washout end to October

British weather is set to take a turn for the worst as gale-force winds and torrential rain are forecast to lash most parts of the UK next week.

It comes after Storm Aurore unleashed chaos with floods, strong gusts, and snowfall in parts of the country in recent days.

Roads were left submerged, cars were stranded in overflowing streets and some residents claimed a 'mini-tornado' struck overnight on Wednesday.

Looking at the end of October, national forecaster the Met Office has said the gale-force winds and heavy downpours will likely cause havoc on most Brits.

The coming days are not looking brighter either, as we can expect wet conditions throughout this weekend if you are based in central areas of the country.

Parts including all of Wales, and the cities of Birmingham, Nottingham, as well as Oxford in England are set to be worst affected.

In the far south expect a mix of cloud, showers, and sunny intervals throughout today and the weekend but prepare for the torrential rain and winds coming in next week.

In the last 24 hours, 133 flood warnings have been removed from the southeast of the UK but the Met Office has warned more floods could follow in the coming days from the rainfall coming in.

After experiencing quite a warm start to this week for the time of year, the temperature has dropped today but will creep back up to a milder temperature towards the end of the weekend from single digits back to the low double figures.

Looking at the forecast for the end of the month and into November, a complete washout weekend will feature next week.

The Met Office outlook reads: "Fine at first in the east on Tuesday before more prolonged, organised rain arrives in the west, with fresh to strong winds.

"Through the first few days of this period, Atlantic systems will continue to move in from the west, bringing heavy rain and strong, locally gale-force winds.

"Some rainbands could become slow-moving with locally large rainfall accumulations possible, particularly over western hills.

"Temperatures generally around or a little above average. The rest of October will continue to see unsettled and windy weather arriving from the Atlantic, with outbreaks of potentially heavy rain for many.

"Wettest in the west and northwest, but still with brief dry interludes. Driest conditions likely across some south and south-eastern areas."

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