Germany’s calls for joint military project exposed: ‘EU army is inevitable!’

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In recent weeks, the complexity of the EU’s military ambitions has come to the fore, as member states have become embroiled within international disputes and heightened tensions. Recently, the EU approved a military mission in the Mediterranean to block arms imports into Libya. According to a report by Jayne Adye, the Director of the eurosceptic campaign Get Britain Out, while it was a noble cause and one the UK supports, the mission passed through the European Parliament without the presence of any UK MEP.

She wrote in The Commentator: “This meant that there was no scrutiny of the mission from the continent’s most sophisticated military power on the UK’s behalf.

“While this could have been anticipated, it didn’t take long for the mission to go wrong, as the French Navy has already had an altercation with Turkish ships off the coast of Libya.

“This led to an embarrassing spat between the two countries on July 7, before France backed down and withdrew from the military operation in full, which has led to Turkey bolstering its claim to be the chief Naval power in the Mediterranean.”

At present, the Political Declaration gives scope for the UK to be tied into these military bodies and organisations.

However, according to Ms Adye, Prime Minister Boris Johnson should not agree to any form of continued participation.

As a trade and security deal is being negotiated between Brussels and Britain right now, unearthed reports reveal how one of Germany’s most senior defence officials claimed the creation of a EU army is now inevitable.

According to a throwback report by The Telegraph, in 2017, Hans-Peter Bartels, a former national defence commissioner, called for Nato’s EU members to organise their militaries into a single force.

Mr Bartels said: “We are currently disorganised, technically fragmented and duplicate structures unnecessarily.

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“We do not want to go down the solitary national path any more.

“Not in Germany, not in the Netherlands, not in the Czech Republic and not in Italy.

“Every step in the right direction is important.

“In the end, there will be a European army.”

His comments, on the same day Brexit talks formally began, were a sign the rest of the EU was preparing to press ahead with further defence integration.

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Britain has repeatedly blocked plans for an integrated European defence policy, but other member states have warned it cannot expect to have a say in the issue post-Brexit.

France and Germany have led calls for a European army.

The Netherlands and Germany have already merged some units, while the Czech Republic and Romania have expressed interest.

Funding for a European Defence Fund has been included in the new Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) this year.

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