Ghost hunters find poltergeist in bar as eerie voice recorded saying help me

TVs and lights switching on by themselves, as well as bangs and a ghostly sighting, have led Sheffield bar staff to call in a paranormal investigation team.

After a recent escalation in the spooky experiences, members of staff in Sheffield’s Meltdown bar called in the experts who conducted a lengthy examination of the possibly haunted venue.

Adam Varley, a member of staff at the gaming bar, said: “I was at the end of the bar when I felt like someone was walking over to come and talk to me.

"So as I glanced up and I see someone coming for me but there was no one there.

“It really gave me the chills. I’m not easily spooked like that but when that happened I did get a bit shivery."

Meltdown bar was originally called the Black Swan from WWII until the 1960s, when it transformed into the Boardwalk which became a popular music venue in Sheffield.

WAH Paranormal, which led the investigation, suggested that the extensive history of the bar may be a reason for the paranormal activity.

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WAH (which stands for Wendy, Andy and Hayley) are a Sheffield-based paranormal group formed in autumn 2021. They have done many investigations around Yorkshire at haunted locations including Rotherham’s Roche Abbey, and Doncaster’s Cadeby Tunnel.

An hour-long video posted to WAH's official YouTube channel captured several eerie moments as they explored the bar.

Using a "ghost box", which makes use of radio frequency so spirits can make contact, WAH seemed to record a disembodied voice which said "hello", "who's there?", "oh wow" and "I'm sorry I let you down".

Most chillingly, the voice was also recorded saying what sounded like: "Help me."

During the investigation Hayley reported her phone repeatedly stopped recording and also said she felt cold, both believed to be signs of paranormal activity.

She asked spirits in the cellar of Meltdown: “Is anyone that passed away in the war trapped down here?”

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This triggered a K2 device, which claims to use electromagnetic fields to see if there are any spirits present.

After seeing strange "orbs" floating in the bar during the investigation, Wendy said: “Well it’s either dust or there are a lot of people here.”

The jury may still be out but the general feeling was something in the bar was certainly amiss – if you want to check out the sighting for yourself, click here.

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