Girl, 4, died after grandmother forced her to drink whisky as mother watched

A four-year-old girl died after allegedly being forced to drink an entire bottle of whisky as a punishment.

Police were called to an address in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, at around 11am on Thursday (April, 21) after receiving reports of an unresponsive child.

When they arrived they found China Record, 4, dead at the scene from what appeared to be alcohol poisoning.

The little girl’s blood alcohol was measured at .680% – more than eight times the .08% legal driving limit for an adult in the state.

China’s siblings told officers that the little girl had found a bottle of 80% proof Canadian Mist whisky and taken a sip.

When her grandmother, Roxanne Record, 53, found out China had done it, she ordered to kneel on the floor and finish off the rest of the bottle.

China’s mother, Kadjah Record, 29, stood by and watched, according to a police report.

The bottle is thought to have been roughly half-full at the time.

When China became violently ill, the two women placed her in the bath, where she is believed to have died.

Neither woman sought medical care for China until after she had stopped breathing, the police report said.

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Roxanne Record admitted that “she messed up” and told officers that she “wanted to take full responsibility” for China’s death.

She said she realised she had gone “too far”.

Neighbours described the family as having “kept themselves stop themselves” in the two years since they moved into the neighbourhood. One local, 30-year-old Kiara Charles said the little girl’s death was “sickening”.

The East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner's Office said an autopsy confirmed that China’s cause of death was acute alcohol poisoning.

Dr. Ernest P. Chiodo, a physician, attorney and toxicologist based in Chicago told The Advocate: “Even if this was a full-grown adult, this is a fatal amount of alcohol,” said

Police Sergeant L'Jean McKneely told reporters that both Roxanne and Kadjah had been taken into custody.

Both women were formally arrested on the following morning, and charged with first-degree murder.

The investigation remains ongoing.

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