Girl born with two noses and trunk became celebrity and was revered as a god

A six-year-old girl has been compared to a Hindu God after she was born with a "trunk" which left her with two noses after it was surgically removed.

Lakshimi, who lives in Uttar Pradesh, north India, originally caused fear amongst her community due to her distinct look – but locals soon realised she was in fact a force to be reckoned with.

The little girl, who is the fourth child in her family, had a procedure to remove the deformity which eventually made her an unlikely celebrity as she was praised for having a second nose.

At first glance, children were reportedly frightened by Lakshimi's looks, but now she has been honoured with people insisting she is an incarnation of Lord Ganesha – a Hindu god.

Locals even gave her her name – with Lakshimi meaning goddess of wealth and prosperity.

At festivals, the child is offered money and gifts, and people beg for her blessings.

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Doctors have advised Lakshimi’s family to wait until she grows up to see what cosmetic surgery can be performed.

Her family cannot afford the expense of surgery currently and are searching for financial aid to help Lakshimi lead a more normal life.

In July this year, the Star reported on a similar case where a three-headed baby was similarly lauded as a deity.

Strangers in India were reportedly making pilgrimages to see the infant since its birth in Uttar Pradesh was announced on July 12.

The mother named only as Ragini is understood to have been through a "normal" and healthy pregnancy which made the birth of a three-headed child all the more shocking.

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