Glam cartel wives of McDonalds chefs who took down El Chapo to be banged up

The glam cartel wives of two McDonald's cooks who became drug kingpins look set to be banged up.

Vivianna Lopez, 42, and Valerie Gaytan, 47, are married to twin brothers Pedro Flores and Margarito Flores – who were the most prolific cocaine dealers Chicago had ever seen until their arrest in 2008.

The brothers have previously discussed how working at the fast food chain gave them insight into how to run their business.

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By 17, they were working at the McDonald's while also selling cocaine and sitting on around $1million (£810,000) in profit.

The Flores' twins' drugs empire grew and grew until they were approached by federal law enforcement officials in Monterrey, Mexico, in 2008.

Bang to rights, they agreed to cooperate against their supplier – Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman – in return for admitting to importing huge amounts of cocaine and receiving reduced 14-year sentences.

Now it looks like their wives will be joining them behind bars.

It comes a year on from when a judge ruled they would not have immunity from prosecution despite their husbands turning witnesses and proving crucial in El Chapo's eventual conviction.

Lopez and Gaytan are accused of stashing millions of dollars of illicit drug profits after their husbands were arrested.

On Thursday (April 20), Lopez pleaded guilty to participating in a money-laundering conspiracy. Gaytan did similarly last week.

Prosecutors say the wives lived the high life after 2008, spending big on luxury cars and lavish holidays with their husbands' drug money.

It is thought the wider family network helped them access the cash when needed.

Gaytan handed over $4.2million (£3.4m) in supposed drug profits in 2010. Prosecutors say she kept plenty in reserve.

In her guilty plea, she admitted hiding $2.3m (£1.85m) of cash in furniture and sending it to her brother-in-law Armando Flores. In exchange for a cut he then hid it in his garden and sent $9,000 (£7,250) monthly instalments back, according to the plea agreement.

According to The Chicago Sun Times, prosecutors say she faces more than 11 yeas behind bars. Her lawyer said it should be around seven.

Lopez's money was stored in Chicago and mailed to her by her sister and aunt, according to her guilty plea, and used to cover her rent, travel and school fees for her kids.

Some cash was even given to her husband in prison.

Prosecutors say Lopez faces at least nine years in prison and was responsible for nearly $900,000 (£725,000) in the money laundering scheme.

Both wives agreed to pay a forfeiture request of more than $500,000 (£403,000).

Some of the family members named in the guilty pleas are also now facing charges.

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