Glam sister of woman shot dead on night out slams ‘gutless’ witnesses

The glamorous sister of a woman shot and killed while getting ready with her friends has slammed witnesses, labelling them "gutless" and a "scared dog."

Ivona Jovanovic, 27, died after being shot in the chest at a her ex-boyfriend's Highland Park home on September 8, 2019.

She was with four friends at the time of the shooting, including her ex-boyfriend, Christos Panagakos, who has alleged links with a bike gang.

The weapon, believed to be a handgun, has not been located, and all of the friends allegedly fled the house, despite the 27-year-old's injuries.

Ivona's glamorous sister Annette Jovanovic has slammed the former friends as "gutless" as police they're holding back details.

Annette told Daily Mail Australia the incident has "destroyed" her family's life and opened up in a heartbreaking Facebook post about the pain she is in.

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She wrote: "Why every time when I attempt to go to bed my mind begins to race and I'm wide awake still trying to figure out what happened to my sister.

"What makes it so much harder is knowing there are four people who know the truth and exactly what happened but yet they can't speak up and give my family any closure."

Adding: "'Ivona's life was taken and her families lives are being destroyed each day and night.

'Four people who know but are gutless to speak … I just don't understand."

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The Gold Coast Bulletin reported Detective Superintendent Brendan Smith said he was disappointed "all the people inside at the time haven't given us a full and frank version of what happened that night."

Smith added the force had "concerns that people are withholding information which would progress it."

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He said: "The only people that know exactly what happened are those people who were in the house at the time.

"There is certainly that potential that it was an accident and if that's the case that's all more reason that someone should come forward and give a version."

In January, Panagakos appeared in court where he pleaded guilty to a string of charges – including unlawful possession of a weapon, failing to dispose of a syringe, receiving tainted property and other related offences.

The court heard the items were found at the house his ex-girlfriend, Ms Jovanovic, was fatally shot three days prior – on September 8 – while getting ready for a night out.

Mr Panagakos had been in custody since his arrest on a return-to-prison warrant hours after the tragic shooting but there is nothing to suggest he had been involved in his former girlfriend's death

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