Gloriavale court action brought by ex-member John Ready is settled

The parties to the High Court proceedings brought by former Gloriavale member John Ready against the community’s leaders have reached a settlement agreement.

The Christian Community Charitable Trust was last month invited to join a judicial settlement conference in Greymouth “at the request of all parties”, according to a media statement from the courts.

A resolution was reached at the conference, with the public trust agreeing to perform a reviewing role for a period of 18 months, with regular reports made to the High Court.

“The parties are pleased with the outcome which will help to ensure the ongoing future of Gloriavale as a faith-based community,” the media statement said.

Ex-member Ready, who was banished from Gloriavale more than three years ago, had launched a civil claim at the High Court.

He wanted the courts to intervene and remove the board of trustees of the Christian Church Community Trust – the registered charity behind the remote community based at Haupiri, inland from Greymouth – and have them replaced with a public trust “until a fit board can be found”.

Senior Gloriavale “Shepherds” and figures were named as defendants, including leader and “Overseeing Shepherd” Howard Temple, Fervent Stedfast, Faithful Pilgrim, Enoch Upright, Samuel Valor, Noah Hopeful, Stephen Standfast, Peter John Righteous and Joshua Disciple. Christian Partners Nominee Ltd, one of Gloriavale’s incorporated companies, is also named as a defendant, along with independent trustees Colin Neil Smith, David McMillan and David Smith.

Gloriavale had strenuously denied having breached its duties to its members, saying they were “committed to ensuring Gloriavale is a safe and stable religious community for those who choose to live within it in accordance with the tenets of its faith”.

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