Golden retriever praised for reaction to huskies howling non-stop on road trip

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A golden retriever has been hailed as the world's most patient dog after being filmed sat in the middle of two howling huskies in the backseat of a car.

In the clip, Zoey the golden retriever is wedged between husky brothers Nico and Jackson when they start "singing" along to a track on the radio.

Zoey pants and yawns while her canine pals on either side tilt their heads skywards and howl like they are trying to bring the moon down.

Instead of joining in or nipping Nico and Jackson, the ever-tolerant Zoey just looks straight ahead and waits for the hullabaloo to end.

The video was up-voted 14,000 times on Reddit when it was shared with the blunt caption: "Classic Family Road Trip."

One viewer commented: "That poor golden in the middle should get shotgun."

"Huskies are the drama queens of the dog world," said a second Reddit user.

A third said: "Yeah, I love the idea of huskies but I never want one."

Someone else commented: "I'm subscribed to husky tantrums because they're funny and petty AF but there's no way I'm bringing one of those crooners into my home lol."

Another said: "It's okay if you bother to put the effort in to train them properly."

Some people suggested Zoey licking her lips might mean she is anxious, but it might not be the case.

While lip-licking, yawning, and panting can be signs of stress according to the American Kennel Club, it does depend on the body language and personality of each individual dog.

Zoey, Nico, and Jackson live together in British Columbia, Canada, and their owners Chris and Chantel have made an Instagram account and even merchandise of the pooches.

Long-suffering Zoey has even been given a pair of earmuffs to help her cope with the noise, although Nico and Jackson only tend to get their howl on when they can hear music.

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