Golden retriever pup who is ‘over it’ after long walk melts TikTok users’ hearts

A video of a rambunctious golden retriever puppy refusing to walk on her leash has left people in stitches.

In the video, uploaded on TikTok by user @riley_the-golden-pup, the naughty dog is lying like a starfish on the floor with her leash gripped tightly in her mouth.

As she is dragged along the carpet on her belly, she gnaws at the leash as if showing her disapproval or simply because she knows if she lets go she will have to actually use her legs to move.

The hilarious video has been liked more than 220,000 times since it was shared with the caption: "She's over it."

In love with Riley's antics, one user commented with heart and laughing emojis and wrote: "Aww I'm literally crying."

A second person gushed: "She’s so cute I can’t stop crying I wish I had her."

"I literally feel exactly like that this morning," said another viewer sounding sympathetic with Riley's situation.

"That's me when it's Monday morning," joked someone else.

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  • Despite her so-called "laziness", Riley the golden retriever is obviously doing something right because she has nearly 200,000 followers on TikTok and 5 million "likes" in total.

    The pup was born on March 31 this year and lives in Chicago, US, with her owners.

    Riley also has an Instagram account where her cutest photos are uploaded.

    This comes after a golden retriever with an affinity for mud was seen causing his owner misery – although he's too lovable for them to be cross at him.

    Wallace, the "muddiest dog in town", sits with an angelic expression as his owner made him swear not to get his fur dirty.

    The footage then cuts him rolling around in a swamp-like puddle as he starts to resemble a chocolate Labrador.

    And a golden retriever was caught on video trying out his new snow boots and not-quite understanding how he is supposed to walk.

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