Golden retriever returns home with a cow after going on a scavenging hunt

This is the incredible moment a golden retriever pulls a cow back home after a walk in a Chinese village.

The dog, known as "Xiao Er Ge" or "Little Brother" in English, has a hobby to scavenge for toys in a mountainside village in the city of Shaoyang, central China's Hunan province.

In a clip posted on Douyin – a Chinese equivalent of TikTok – shows "Xiao Er Ge" bringing a paper box, a broken wok, a shovel as well as a dead chicken.

One time, his owner, Liu Sheng, is left surprised when he sees his dog leading a cow back home by holding a rope at the end of its mouth.

Liu says: "He’s loved fetching things since he was a puppy.

"I’ve taught him to bring me sandals, tissues and small stools.

"We’ve been in the countryside since Chinese New Year and with the coronavirus outbreak in the country, we have been staying in the village and enjoying walks outside.

"Now he brings back things from outside. For instance, unwanted things discarded by neighbours, and items he finds at waste dumps. As long as he likes it, he’ll take it."

Liu added that his pet knows more than 20 other tricks besides fetching all manner of useless things.

"Xiao Er Ge" demonstrates this by lying down on the floor and snoring on command.

He can also do basic addition by barking out a number as long as the answer is within five, Mr Liu said.

Viewers praised the dog "smart and adorable" as one said: "This dog is cute! He knows so many tricks."

"It's so smart it can even get admitted to Tsinghua University!" another wrote.

Some, however, wondered what happened to the cow's owner.

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