‘Good luck, it’s coming’ Italian surgeon issues coronavirus warning amid oxygen shortage

Italy was forced to go into lockdown as a preventative measure to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus disease. Sky News’ Sally Lockwood explained an Italian surgeon warned the UK it was “only a matter of time” before their NHS was hit equally as hard – as hospitals in Italy face oxygen shortages. Ms Lockwood added the wealthiest region in Italy, Lombardy, was struggling to cope as its intensive units were already at “complete capacity.”

She said: “Any health care professional or official you speak to here will say nowhere is immune to this virus, it is only a matter of time.

“We know Italy is the worst-hit country in Europe and we know Lombardy is the worst-hit region in Italy but it is when you hear the details coming out of this region it really brings it home.

“Lombardy is the wealthiest region in Italy with the best healthcare system so to hear some of this harrowing detail is quite unnerving.

“I just spoke to a surgeon working on the front lines and he said their intensive care unit is not only completely at capacity but at the moment they also have a number of patients in their emergency department waiting for a bed.

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“On top of that, he said they are very short of staff and that is because some of their own colleagues are becoming ill.

Ms Lockwood went on to describe the situation in Italian hospitals regarding some of the biggest challenges they are facing.

She said: “The surgeon told me in his entire time as a healthcare professional he would have never imagined the hospitals would run out of something as basic as oxygen.

“Protective equipment is not only at a shortage but people are taking it, people are stealing it because people are so desperate to get their hands on that sort of equipment.”

Ms Lockwood closed by revealing the harrowing words the Italian surgeon said to her regarding coronavirus in the UK.

She said: “When I ended this phonecall with this surgeon I wished him well and said we are all thinking of you at the moment.

“His response was, good luck to you because it is coming.”

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At the time of writing Italy has reported 27,980 cases of coronavirus, the second-highest amount outside of China.

Italy has also had 2,158 deaths and over 2,700 people have recovered from the disease.

In comparison, the UK has reported over 1,900 cases of coronavirus with 56 deaths and over 53 people recovering from the disease.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has claimed the UK is an estimated 2 weeks behind Italy in the crisis and the Government is preparing for more cases to be diagnosed over the next few weeks.

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