‘Goofy’ one-eyed rescue dog desperate to find a family to call her own

A one-eyed dog, referred to as "goofy" by rescue staff, wants a loving family to call her own after a life of neglect.

The Frenchie-Pug Cross is currently homed at the Jerry Green Dog Rescue in Yorkshire and goes by the name of Winnie.

Winnie is six years old and has been described as a "loveable, goofy and carefree girlie" by the team who look after her, and she would love to find her forever home.

She would be an amazing to any addition with older families and has a smile that would cheer anyone up, even on the darkest of lockdown days.

She lives her life to the fullest and is loved by all of the staff, who are currently caring for a number of gorgeous canines who have been left without a home.

A Jerry Green spokesperson speaking on Winnie's behalf in a post on their website wrote: “Ahoy me hearties! Avast ye! Winnie here, very pleased to meet you.

“Me maties here at South Lincolnshire think I am a very special girl as I only have one eye."

They continued: “I would like to live with someone who has breed experience, who doesn’t mind my snoring, and has no other pets as you will need to spend all your time, love and energy on me.”

If you're interested but have children and are worried about whether or not Winnie will fit in, you should be fine if they're over the age of 11, the shelter said.

She is currently capable of being left alone for short periods, however staff assured that this can be built up over time as you earn Winnie's trust and she gets used to her new home.

The spokesperson added: “Slow and gentle walks please as my hips give me gyp sometimes. Aye.

“I would also like some help with my toilet training as sometimes I forget.”

If you’re interested in rehoming Winnie, or any other animals in Jerry Green’s care, please call 01205 260546.

Alternatively, you can email the team on [email protected]

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