Google Maps users baffled by boy crying while sitting atop Fossil Mountain

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A Google Maps user has been left baffled after they spotted a boy with a cast on his arm crying while sitting atop Fossil Mountain in Canada.

The photo was taken by Google Maps user Sean Barbera six years ago in June 2016 and was uploaded by Reddit user 'Thankless_ruler' onto the social media site.

The user wrote: "Bruh a person on fossil mountain, Utah next to a boy 'crying'."

It has left other users confused as to why the boy is crying and what the man standing next to him is doing, with one commenting: "What is going on here…"

Another was curious as to why the word crying was in quotation marks, stating: "Why is crying in quotes?"

Fossil Mountain is located in the Canadian province of Alberta and got its name in 1906 due to the numerous fossils that can be found on its slopes.

Earlier this week, another group of Google Maps sleuths was baffled after they spotted an enormous rubber duck in a lagoon.

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The sculpture was part of an open-air exhibition by world-renowned artists taking place in Santiago – the capital of Chile.

The exhibition also included installations of giant fried eggs that people could walk over, as well as a toy robot.

The exhibit was only in Santiago for a few days in November last year, before it went on display in other cities in the South American country and it is just a coincidence that the Google Maps image was taken during the time when it was there.

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