Google Maps users in hysterics over Big PeePee Hospital found in North Korea

A Google Maps user has been left in hysterics after he spotted a hospital in North Korea called "Big PeePee".

The discovery was uploaded by Reddit user 'iiStrasta' and has left several users in stiches due to the naming.

The user wrote: "I was browsing through North Korea using google maps and found this cursed hospital name.

"Does the name have some kind of meaning that was horribly mistranslated into English?"

The astonishing thing is that the Korean writing literally translates to, "Big Penis Hospital", so whoever edited this listing took great care to list the rude name correctly in Korean as well, not just in English.

A fellow Reddit user commented: "Someone probably made it as a joke, I heard that it is possible for users to register their own business and some use it to make fake joke locations.

"When it comes to translation, it is not mistranslated; it says 큰(big) 남근(penis) 병원(hospital)."

Another user wrote: "There are all sorts of restaurants in Pyongyang that aren't real on Google maps. KJU Rocket Burgers, Nuclear Chicken, etc."

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