Gran heartbroken after DPD driver tosses beloved dogs ashes in the bin

A Scottish grannie has been left devasted after the ashes of her beloved dog were accidentally recycled after a delivery driver left them in her bin.

Irene Ferris, 75, had been forced to put her Springer Spaniel Magners to sleep in January after he injured his leg.

The pensioner had planned to scatter the ashes of her 12-year-old best friend on their favourite walk near their Milton of Campsie home in East Dunbartonshire.

In order to have Magners cremated, she had paid £110 to Cambridge Pet Cremation plus an additional £13.74 for postage and was told to expect the remains back within seven to 10 days.

When the gran-of-five hadn’t heard anything by late last week, she contacted the cremation company who in turn spoke to delivery firm DPD, reports the Daily Record.

Irene eventually discovered that her parcel had been left inside her blue paper recycling bin on January 25 before it was emptied five days later, leaving her heartbroken.

As a result of the heinous mistake, Irene has been left unable to sleep and furious at the lack of communication from DPD – as her designated safe space was listed on the delivery instructions.

A tearful Irene said: "It’s terrible, an absolute disgrace and completely shocking. I never got a single email or notification from DPD – not a thing.

“I was given the number for Cambridge Pet Cremation in Livingston and filled out the form."

Irene claims that she had waited for an email to arrive from DPD to arrive giving an update on when Magners would return but received nothing.

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When the delivery delay had passed 10 days, Irene called the crematorium who checked in with DPD, who claimed they had left it with her neighbour.

But after establishing her neighbour was Magners-less, Irene checked the app again and got some bad news.

She continued: "“When I opened it to double check, there was a picture of the parcel in the blue bin. So he’s away to be recycled.

“I’m so frustrated and angry. I couldn’t sleep thinking about this because he’s been put in the rubbish like a piece of trash.”

Irene claims that her nominated place for parcels to be left was the greenhouse and called DPD's lack of communication 'shocking'.

A spokesperson for Cambridge Pet Cremation said: “CPC are devastated to learn that the ashes of Ms Ferrie’s beloved spaniel Magners, have been misplaced by our courier company.

“We acted immediately upon discovering this information yesterday and requested a full investigation, which we are awaiting information from.

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“We of course immediately refunded Ms Ferrie the full cost paid, and while this is the least we can do, this in no way makes up for this fundamental mistake.

“CPC would like to offer their sincerest apologies to Ms Ferrie at this terribly sad time.”

A DPD spokesperson said: "We would like to apologise unreservedly for this error and extend our sympathy to Irene regarding her dog. We are investigating what has gone wrong as a matter of urgency.

"We know that three notifications were sent during the delivery phase, including the picture of the final delivery, but we should never be leaving parcels in bins.

"We are very sorry indeed that this parcel was not delivered correctly and will be reaching out to Irene to apologise in person."

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