Harrowing images of Ukrainian office building before and after Russian shelling

Footage of a Ukraine office building has gone viral on TikTok after showing shocking clips from before and after it was hit by Russian shelling.

The former headquarters of a wooden maps manufacturer, Enjoy the Wood, was once a lively, brightly lit working environment filled with smiling workers.

But since the Russia-Ukraine war broke out on February 24, it has been left crumbling down after it was blasted by Russian troops.

The windows no longer exist and the walls have all crumbled down over the top of broken, blown up furniture.

It is not clear what happened to the staff but there are no people seen in the footage.

The company took to Instagram to share its devastation writing: "Our office. Our manufacture.

"The heart of our company. The part of the soul of every team member. Everything is completely destroyed.

"We put so much effort and love in all the processes inside and out, even if you don't see it clearly. Every detail matters to us.

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"We had a new beautiful office, we've recently moved into, and huge manufacture with modern technologies.

"Millions of dollars, thousands of hours of invaluable work, hundreds of workplaces for our team – everything is destroyed and razed to the ground by 'Russian world'.

"It's painful. But one thing we know for sure… This will never force us to give up!"

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The viral video was shared on the subreddit r/UkraineWarVideoReport by u/SystemDangerous3091 and has received over 850 upvotes since it was shared earlier today (Monday, April 11).

Reddit users were shocked at the harrowing images as they described them as an 'apocalyptic nightmare.'

One user said: "Jeez. This reminds me of an office I worked at. I could only imagine seeing it in ruins like an apocalyptic nightmare. I’d worry about coworkers along with family."

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Another wrote: "I don't pray for these events to happen to anyone. It's sad, traumatizing and all-round evil. I pray and worry for Ukraine."

A third said: "We will help you rebuild when Ukrainian victory comes!"

A fourth wrote: "This is why Putin hated Ukraine. Look at how prosperous they were doing. Life was getting great for Ukrainians.

"Putin would never allow a country to do well so close to his shit hole. He knew eventually people would flee for Ukraine. God, I hate Putin."

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